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It's Time to Go From Lagging to Leading
With two experts and 48 hours, we'll show you how to drive with predictive analytics
Does This Surprise You?
Up to 73% of Your Data Is Unused
Our Team of crime fighters will show you how to predict and prevent threats in real time
Are you Adopting or Transforming
Agile has become a Misnomer
Allow us to show you how being agile begins with the business not IT
Join The Revolution

Information is at the cornerstone of our everyday lives. Allow our Data experts to show you how to convert that information into insight.

Transformation To Agile

Nowadays, we’re all committed to becoming more efficient at delivering value. But have you truly become Agile in practice or in spirit only?

Predict and Prevent

Risk and threats to your operation are increasing but the good news is that as threats evolve so can your ability to neutralize them. 


Break Down the Silos

Close the Gap between the Business and IT

With over 20 years of experience in business operations, allow our experts to show you how to advance your position in the marketplace

Far-Sighted Advice

The value gap between IT and your Business operations is growing at a record pace. As customer demand becomes more agile, Technology continues to drift behind without advanced focus. Leverage our Team as the tools to drive greater IT adoption and Business foresight this year.

Strategy to Action

How well are your IT Leaders executing your Strategy? Have you noticed a drift, lack of Business focus? This is referred to as Technical Debt and it's costing your organization millions per year. Our Team has the experience to help realign your Business strategy with IT execution the right way.

Innovation at Work

With so many organizations like yours advancing with innovation, why are the majority of them solely reacting to yesterday's data, rather than using it to help influence change? The future of your Business weighs heavily on your ability to affect change, not avoid it. Allow us to show you how.



Good to Great

In 2012, three senior level Project Managers certified in the global discipline decided to combine their knowledge and expertise to collectively help organizations drive greater cost savings and unlock the hidden values of agile project management. Today, we have become a tight unit of professionals revolutionizing the world of business intelligence and security all under the value framework of Agile Delivery. Today, we deliver value add solutions for many of the largest organizations globally.
Professional Services

With over 70% of business projects failing the days of status quo are over. With a proven track record, our Services Team will show you how to break above the normal targets and impress your Leadership.

Software Delivery
Whether Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid, our Team of solution architects can provide you with the most cost efficient options for your deployment. You’ll have access to our On-demand Agile practitioners with every step.

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Let's Crack

Some Numbers

Information is power, at least that what our college professors use to tell us. However, the truth still remains that’s information when applied can either create, build-up, enhance or advance. This all begins with Data!

Your Unused Data

Is costing your organization millions per year, affecting budgets, projects and more. Your ability to leverage data to compete will be key.

Additional Revenue

How much more business your organization would create if it was more diverse in teams, creativity, skillset and supply chain.

Cost to Employers

From worker’s compensation, rising insurance rates to loss in productivity, the impact of work related injuries continues to rise. 

Digital Procurement Strategy

Nearly 80% of organizations have no Digital Strategy for Procurement. It would seem this area of competitiveness is being overlooked.

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Team Leaders

Our Leadership Team is comprised of IT and Business practitioners whom have dedicated their careers to helping organizations like yours compete and strengthen their position in the marketplace.

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Agile Transformation

To efficiency and beyond in

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Predict, Prevent, Control in

Enterprise Assessment
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What People Say?

Lara Green


Sterling has consistently delivered superior results in IT staffing and their full service approach is what working with a true business partner really means. Their unique understanding of people, along with their solid grasp of technical matters, makes them outstandingly qualified to find the right professionals. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Jennifer Smith

IT Director

Project Leadership was evident within all their people. Was surprised that not only were their Project Managers trained but so were their security and database architects. It’s not often you come across a group that invests so much in their people and stands by their philosophy. Great bunch of leaders at every level.

Friday August 31, 2018

Patrick Hues

Chief Information Officer

Easy Process from the beginning. They’re sharp, know their stuff and onboarded pretty seamlessly. Tells me that they care about the customer and are willing to be flexible or adaptive when needed. Best of all the talent they gave us at the rate they provided was pretty darn good, a good surprise for us especially in this market. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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