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Professional Services

Our team of professional security consultants will help you identify the vulnerabilities and security risks that exist across your organization. Within 4 – 6 weeks, you’ll be equipped with a cyber security program that clearly outlines your defense capabilities and helps you put them in action.

On-Demand Resources

Our highly skilled professionals are certified in cyber security disciplines to help ensure your organization is NIST compliant.  Given your vulnerabilities may be unique, our certified security professionals will develop a tailored security risk mitigation program that suits your organization and end users.  

Real Time Monitoring

Cyber security threats have and will continue to evolve. As a corporate Leader, how do you keep focus on maintaining your operations yet ensure that your corporate environment is continuously protected? With our Real Time security monitoring solution, threats against your enterprise are identified and neutralized in real time.

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24,000 malicious mobile applications were identified in 2018

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Security assessments typically range from 4 weeks onward. There are many levels to the thoroughness of security assessments or basically how deep and broad you want us to go. (i.e. servers, applications, cloud, physical IDFs, endpoints, mobile apps, etc) The cost will also range depending on the level of depth we go.

Yes, there are quite a few different options we can explore for mobile app security depending on our access or ability to work with the application development team or support specialists for external connections.

Our Next Generation Security on Demand (NGSoD) model provides you with either on onsite certified resource or dedicated resource hours per month, at all FTE levels.

Yes, you can either submit an email request at or call our office to speak to a services rep who will get you set up.

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Having a company that incorporated security best practices with our technology strengths was very clever. It has allowed the end users to be more responsive to IT concerns.

Roger Boughtknight

IT Director

With automating our security monitoring, it has saved us so much time we can now focus more on predictive events and how best to protect our environment from future attacks. Our team seems to be working better together also.

Jim stevenson

Senior Security Lead

Now that we have a security resource pool to pull from whenever we need helps us leverage the knowledge and security acumen of a large firm without having to absorb the cost.

James mchugh

VP of IT

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