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With over 70% of business projects failing and the rest struggling to get usable value to Business users timely, the need to become more efficient has never been more of a priority. Organizations like yours can no longer afford to wait long periods before gaining a return on their Capex spend. And if your organization is going to compete in the modern world, you’ll need to make decisions faster.

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Whether you’re an experienced PMO or an IT Leader looking for faster return on your organizational projects, our Agile Training program is for you. Our certified team of Agile practitioners can provide your resources with formal training or a training program that enables your organization to become the “agile experts” that support agile across your organization.

In your cultural journey to agile or becoming more agile, the psychology and understanding level of your organization will be critical to your success.

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For organizations and IT teams that have deployed an Agile framework and would like to understand the effectiveness of their programs and transition, our Agile Transformation Assessment would be perfect for you.

During a brief assessment, our certified project manager will help you understand the areas of your program that will function well under an Agile framework or identify the functional areas that are benefiting or may not be from your Agile transition.

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If your organization or department is like many and has interest in transitioning to an Agile framework but does not have the resources to lead it, then our on-Demand Agile Team would be a great alternative for you. This option provides you with Agile certified, industry practitioners whom will help develop a custom Agile framework, tailored for your organization.

Your organization will gain the experience and skillset to adopt an Agile Framework and capture the benefits in a fashion germane to your organizational culture.

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One of the most important success factors in your transition to Agile will be how fast you can implement and incorporate your operational features into your Business environment. Agile, when appropriately applied and measured provides you with -

  • Lower Capex spend
  • Greater alignment with Business users
  • Faster time to value
  • Higher quality of deliverables
  • Shorter project cycles
  • Prevents likelihood of project rework
  • Builds greater transparency
  • Fosters greater IT to Business collaboration
The faster your organization can capture, process, respond and incorporate information in this digital age will have a direct impact on your ability to compete. With an Agile framework, your organization will be able to -

  • Adapt quickly to market conditions
  • Produce more in less time
  • Response faster to external threats
  • Gain from economies of skill
  • Foresee the impact of business changes
  • Scale your business faster
  • Collaborate in real time
  • Fine tune processes without business interruption
When done right, an Agile framework can become the best facilitator to help you measure the effectiveness of your processes against the business value realized. An Agile framework ensures -

  • Faster realization of Business value
  • Shorter project periods
  • Lower Capex spending
  • Reduced onboarding time from scope changes
  • Functionality over process
  • Focused return each cycle
  • Simple before complex objectives
  • Lowers team attrition


The fuel when needed to get to the next level

Our agile evaluation was fast and provided us with the insight to change areas of our project management processes that did not provide value to our end users. Sometimes, not knowing has a just as bad impact as knowing and not doing.
April 24, 2018

The catalyst for change

IT has always overseen our technology projects but seemed to lack the resources with skills that could help us deliver projects sooner. I’m glad we were able to get the right resources who could bridge the gap between our departments and see us through.
Adam Stevenson
October 15, 2018

Saved us a bunch of time, money and resources

Many if not all of our projects seem to come in over budget or late. This happened so regularly that for every project we had to over budget and would still spend more money and still be late with our deliverables. 6 months into our new Agile framework, we’ve been able to get more done and spend less than we ever did in the 12 years I’ve been here.
DECEMBER 05, 2017

Finally, we are doing agile the way we were supposed to

Our team cutover to the agile process 8 months ago as before we were using waterfall methodology. It took a lot of time to convince leadership to invest in the adequate training for agile but when we did there was much more team sharing of knowledge. Now we work more efficiently together and are able to get our project tasks complete before due date.
October 23, 2017

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Whether you’ve launched Agile or are just curious about the benefits and time to implement, our team of certified practitioners can provide you with risk free support.


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