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Your organization can become a competitive leader

The world of Supply chain management is evolving. Organizations now have the opportunity to leverage all the data across purchasing, point of sale and inventory management to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their planning process.

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Discover hidden insight in minutes

As your business landscape becomes more competitive your ability to forecast demand and optimize the services or products of your suppliers will be crucial. As Procurement Leaders, your job goes far beyond beating up suppliers on price. As more competitors enter your market, organizations that are able to see deeply and broadly across their supply chain to align business value with spend, will be rise to the top. In the future, organizations will not compete against themselves but rather their supply chains will compete to overthrow the competition. Our goal is to help you get there!   

We understand that your supply chain contains information from a variety of systems, some on-site and others in cloud, yet trying to manage and harvest insight from all of the systems simultaneously is a challenge.

So, here’s the good news! Our Procurement Intelligence platform solves this problem for you by capturing and structuring your data into a single view so you don’t have to. With our real time analytics engine, data across your supply chain is automatically compared and correlated to give you insight on-demand

Jermaine S. Morgan — Solutions Architect



Your benefits from our Procurement Intelligence Solution

Real Time Spending Trends

Category and Supplier

Automated Forecasting

Demand by Category 

Supplier 3-way Match


Data Correlation

Unlimited data fields

Spending Outliers

Monitor rouge spending 

Spend Predictions

By Category or Supplier

Hard Dollar Recovery

Supplier discount matching

Supplier Compliance


Contractor Performance

Warranties, payments, chargebacks

Invoice Spend Analysis

Un-mingle, Grouped Categories

Optimized Supplier Spend

Pricing visibility, common categories 

Reduction in Over-payments

Prevent duplicates, monitor payments

Benchmark Comparisons

Pricing analysis vs market price

Customer Buying Analysis

Marketing, buying behaviors

Cross Functional Analysis

Internal, external markets

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your competitors say

“We’ve added predictive analytics so that we can callout spending patterns across our supply base. The knowledge we have today allows us to adapt quickly when our business cycles change.”

Eric Forrest

12 September, 2018

“Love the 3 way match process, allows us to forego a pretty grueling period every month within AP. We have a lot more time to focus on spend out the door. Finally, I think we can say goodbye to our spreadsheets.”

Elizabeth Lee

19 February, 2019

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